At Abbeyfield we consider our people to be our greatest asset. We all work as a team to ensure every element of your requirements are looked after from initial contact through our Sales team to our experienced quality control inspectors followed by shipping, logistics and documentation. We are all constantly striving to ensure that you receive the very best service from Abbeyfield.

Paul Murphy

Managing Director

Paul Murphy B. Comm is managing Director of the company. He has been involved in the global food industry since 1985. Prior to founding Abbeyfield he worked in Agra Trading for over 21 years and was Managing Director of this company for 10 years. In Abbeyfield he has built up a team - second to none in the industry - which has helped him in taking the company to where it is today.

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Sinead Lennon

Marketing Director

Sinead Lennon, Dip. Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Rhodec Dip. In Interior Design, Marketing Director and Company Secretary, is a shareholder and founding member of the company. She has developed the marketing and branding strategy for the company using her interior design and public relations background. She designed the company’s brochure and website and stands at Anuga 2007, Sial 2008, Anuga 2009, Sial 2010 and Gulf Food 2011 which has given Abbeyfield the identity it has today. Sinead is presently developing the Abbeysea and Abbeyfries brand for the Middle East markets. She is also active in the operational side of the business.

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Colum Keogh

Operations Director

Colum Keogh Certificate in Transport Management (CPC), operations director, was the former shipping manager of Agra Trading. He came to Abbeyfield with over 20 years experience in his field and is highly regarded within the industry. Colum was the first person to join Abbeyfield, and was instrumental in developing the company’s complete logistics, documentation and control procedures.

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Michael Fox

Commercial Director

Michael Fox, Bachelor of Business Studies. He has grown up in the beef ,lamb and dairy industry through his family farm in West Meath in Ireland. He started his career in the international food industry with Agra Trading in 2010 with responsibility for African markets. He joined Abbeyfield in 2012 and has gained extensive knowledge of the beef, pork and poultry industry on a world wide scale. He was appointed Commercial Director of Abbeyfield in 2015 and now leads our Commercial Department in all areas of our business.

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John Nolan

Finance Director

John Nolan B. Comm. F.C.A. has been involved in the company since the outset and has developed the company’s financial control and reporting packages. John joined the board in December 2010 and has a key role in the future development of the Company. He has twenty-five years experience as a chartered accountant and he specializes in providing management accounting services to a broad range of SME clients.

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