Abbeyfield Foods is a global food sourcing company specialising in sourcing beef, offal, lamb, poultry, seafood and food related products throughout the world. The company today brings you a wealth of experience in the exportation and importation of quality food products worldwide. It is our belief at Abbeyfield that our business is a partnership in the success of your company. Personal Relationships are an essential ingredient necessary to ensure that the correct match is made between supplier and customer.

As food prices continue to soar, often at a daily rate and the food supply chain weakens due to increased demand for land driven by the increase in biofuel, rising oil prices and increased consumption worldwide it is becoming more and more difficult to secure continuity of supply.

At Abbeyfield we never stop searching for our customers requirements whether you are sleeping or awake the people at Abbeyfield are constantly speaking with suppliers worldwide, receiving market information and up to the minute prices to ensure your business is at the forefront in terms of price and information.

As Abbeyfield is a small, specialised company, it has the ability to move faster than many of its competitors, differentiating itself as follows:

Personal Service – constant line of communication
Cost Effective - low overheads
Fast – in response times
Customer/Supplier Focused - more time to focus on customer/supplier requirements.
Flexible - ability to work with principle or agent, operating both small and large orders.

Mission Statement:
"To dedicate ourselves to sourcing globally meat, fish and food related products to the optimum benefit of suppliers and customers alike, ensuring quality, service and value."